Jury staff
Mirta Alonzo (Argentina) Jury staff 2015
 Mirta Alonzo 

My artistic vocation arises early, at age 6, and I was attending a workshops of plastic. I was a student of Hugo Turkish, Osvaldo Hernan Ferraro and Witjens. Later I studied architecture and period since 1972 till 1990 was inactivity in painting. I dedicated my time to the profession - the Interior Design, teaching in University, book illustrations. With the discovery of Oil Pastel painting I returned back to painting. Thanks to this technique I found my expression and personal aesthetic. I participated in numerous group exhibitions and Individual obtaining distinctions. I represented my municipality in National Samples. In 2013 I was awarded the Anual Gold Award in Five Golden Stars International Art Gallery and currently also perform demonstrations of the technique with Oil Pastels Eureka. I also continue with the activity in Architecture and Design. I admire the great masters of the past Bosch, Pol de Limbourg, Paolo Uccello. In my paintings I try to disclose my inner world of symbols and silence and to create a moment of communication with spectator. Anima Mundi, thank you for the opportunity to be with you. Greetings to everybody from Argentina!