Zita Vilutyte - Founder of IAF ANIMA MUNDI, director


With freedom comes responsibility


This old globe and the human race on it have been undergoing dramatic transformations for many, many centuries. It is the big pride of all contemporaries to think that this time which belongs to them is a particular moment of changes. In good or bad times, critical ones or transitional ones, history is a tool - a tool to make us wiser and stronger, to live more richly, to act more wisely and make society better. We all have and need our history to educate, inspire and remind us who we are.

We live now between technologies of today, like in digital capsule of time. Very fast this time will become just memory archive, or multi-media memoir which in real will impact the future.

What is artist’ responsibility? What is his/her freedom? Have we ever tried finding out their essence? The flow of history is strong, constant and like a river wears away even the best of positive and optimistic intentions.  With freedom comes responsibility. It’s mean the ability to respond.

The artist creates the art within a societal context, in the situation of time and resources such as technology, intelligence, knowledge, economic, political, social, cultural, religious, philosophical conditions of the moment.

The artist creates the art at a historical moment; the art not only reflects that historical moment, it is a reflection of that reality. Through the creation and presentation and then absorption by others within the community of the art, the artist is able to reflect the historical moment and project into the community an awareness of the moment, an awareness of the humane or inhumane conditions of that moment, and an awareness that the inhumane conditions need to be changed for the better.

The role of the artist is to create art that helps us to understand our humanity and the historical conditions we live in, and to help us understand that we need to change those conditions and helps us to understand even how to change those conditions.





Art, like most of its concept of quality is changing our relationship to it. But what causes this change? Do people adjust to this change, or, conversely, changing society, developments and the “use" of art (evolution or regress?) individuals' self-expression ways, together with the changes of art, is a consequence of the change in society?

We humans have the ability to understand the greatest mysteries of creation by understanding ourselves.

The principles of creation allow us to understand our origins and the true purpose of life whenever we choose to look.

But where is going humanity, why we loosing true values and why principles of creation getting opposite direction?

Spiritual values tie us to the importance of protecting the Earth, the plants, all animate and inanimate things. When we lose that understanding, industry, development, and globalization can do what they want to do, because there are no values behind their structures. Globalization has created a system of corporate ownership above the importance of plants, living things, and humans.

It’s very important to carry on the traditions and native culture, to make sure that children know who they are and have that identification with the sacredness of our Mother Earth.

We have to understand that came the time to  weave together history, ecology, culture, governance, women's leadership and the arts to map out an integrated approach to working in partnership with nature while creating a more just and sustainable future.



We live in a very interesting time- time of big changes. There is a moment when everyone must take a decision and to become responsible of life, not only his own, but also of whole world, of every thought, word, movement, and everything what we do. It is a big utopia to think that these changes in the minds of the humanity will come easy and fast. But those who understand this must start to move.

Where is the place of artists in this time of changes?
To be an artist in today’s world is multifaceted effort. His responsibility is not only to give a voice to an original expression; artist must face the issue of sharing what has been expressed.

Commercialism, consumer society is a constant threat to an artist’s authenticity which can easy defeat artist’s own spiritual growth and to break the line between true Live ART and dead stand ART.

The main goal of the festival is to focus on analysis of the artist's place in society. During the time of the festival’s program, we should answer the following questions: what is the artist's responsibility to society, the public perception of artists as creators as well as contributors to the challenges faced by the contemporary society, such as: the preservation of historical memory, the human condition in society issues, as well as the influence of the different cultural policies, and so on.
During the festival the whole group of artists will work to discover common patterns of communication among artists and the public; also they will work as a diverse creative team getting inspiration from each other, and exchanging simultaneously with the audience.
I hope that the festival will provide flexibility to the creators, to develop and grow up their professional space, in dialogue with the public. On the other side, it will allow the blending of different opinions and points of view, and to reflect it in their works.